“I was feeling stuck, stagnate and sad. The theme she helped me pull out for my life was the art of being intentional.  If you aren’t working toward something, you’re not working toward anything.  Whether it’s in my finances, relationships or how I spend my free time.  She helped me identify goals; in my personal and professional life, to ensure that the decisions I make are aligned to reach those goals.  She also taught me that all of my negative talk, hang-ups and my anxiety was based in a specific fear.  Alanna then taught me an easy technique to identify the fear and then how to juxtapose it to the truth, rendering it ineffective.  It’s seemingly impossible to free yourself from bars that you don’t know are present or hindering your life.  While this is a process, she has given me the tools to do so and spent hours speaking life and encouraging me on the basis that I am simply worth the work.  She was warm, understanding and patient.  It was very clear that she feels deeply about helping people become the very best versions of themselves.  I am very grateful for her willingness to walk alongside me on my journey.”

-Brooke C.

“For years I had a love of social media and a natural knack for using it to promote things I love. As a result, it would get others who saw my post buying or trying the same products/services. At the time, I was searching for a direction in my life because I had no idea what I was good at. One conversation with Alanna, and she showed me just how much I can use my love for social media to develop it into a business and receive income from it. She helped me set up the plan, pricing structure and helped me go through the steps on how to make this new idea a reality. Fast forward 5 years later, I’ve been able to set up workshops to teach small businesses about leveraging their social media presence to draw in more clients, taught several entrepreneurs how to set up and manage their own page and now I currently oversee and manage the social media presence of one of the top high school soccer coaches in the country!”

-Krystle D.

“Like many parents /caregivers, much of my time was spent “on the go,” taking care of those around me. My main focus was to survive and as a result, my wants and needs began to fall lower and lower on the list of priorities.  Before I knew it, I had become personally and professionally “stuck.”

With her nurturing insight and guidance, Alanna facilitated a period of structured reflection, which enabled me to identify and effectively combat my barriers for growth, and clearly define and embrace my goals, dreams and aspirations. By empowering me to unleash my potential, I am now equipped and determined to remain present and persistent on my path towards success.”

-Jeanette A.


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