Alanna has always desired to see people thrive. She started Tread & Rise out of a growing contempt for accepting life for what it was and wanting to make a change. With creativity and perseverance, she transitioned from a life of mediocrity, to designing and now living the life she imagined life to be.

She has experienced what it is like to feel stuck, disappointed, and was desperate to see real change in her life. She found herself overcome with depression, and in spite of how she felt she made small changes that helped shift the direction of her life completely. Over the years, she has developed tools, collected resources and used creative ideas to help others break free and experience success.

Alanna has an entrepreneurial mindset, brings personal branding, HR and life coach experience to her work, and has an optimistic, encouraging and nurturing approach.  In addition to a career in HR, she graduated magna cum laude in Professional Studies from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, with additional studies in personal development and a certificate in Career and Life Coaching from The Prosperity Agenda.

When she isn’t chasing dreams, she enjoys exploring the world virtually and abroad. Alanna resides in Bethesda, MD and spends the majority of her time encouraging others to walk into the direction of their dreams.

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